Blue Hills College (BHC) is a place of opportunity; a place where students are encouraged to grow academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally and are inspired to make a difference.  Our dynamic learning environments encourage students to strive for personal excellence as they are nurtured into well-rounded, contributing citizens. Our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community, the values we uphold and our commitment to realising the God-given potential of each individual.  

Our school campus offers increased opportunities by providing relevant learning environments for students from Pre-Kindy through to Year 12.  With enviable student-to-teacher ratios, we have an impressive staff, a wonderful parent community and fantastic students. 

Our large, rural campus provides a safe and supportive environment for students to thrive physically. The new facilities and recently refurbished classrooms provide outstanding, modern and stimulating learning environments that encourage academic excellence.   Peer support programs and a full time Chaplain play a major role in nurturing the spiritual and emotional needs of our students. 

BHC is more than a school.  It is a close-knit community, founded on the principles of nurture, learning and service.