Our scholarship program provides active support to high achieving students in the areas of academics, music and sport. These scholarships recognise and affirm high achievers and are aimed at encouraging a community of students who will strengthen and support our culture of excellence.
In addition to our scholarship awards, because BHC does not want financial hardship to be the primary reason for students not being able to attend our College, we offer a number of Financial Support Bursaries.  These bursaries are open to all families with students ernolled in Kindy to Year 12.


Scholarships and bursaries are only available to holders of Australian citizenship or residency.


Each scholarship and bursary is awarded in the first instance for one year, subject to the recipient continuing to meet the terms and conditions of the award.

Level of Financial Support

All scholarships and bursaries provide partial remission of tuition fees for the duration of the offer. Other educational costs are not included in the scholarship or bursary.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available to new students enrolling in Y7 or Y12 who consistently demonstrate high academic achievement.

Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships are available to new students enrolling in Y7 and Y12 who have an ongoing record of regional representation at North Coast Sports Association (NCSA) or Combined Independent Schools (CIS) competitions.  Applicants must have also demonstrated good sportsmanship.

Musicianship Scholarships

Musicianship scholarships are available to new students enrolling in Y7 or Y12 who have focused their efforts to achieve commendable outcomes in music.  

Financial Assistance Bursaries

Blue Hills College recognises that some families experience short term financial hardship and they do not want this to be the primary reason for students being unable to attend our school.  In cases of extreme hardship, assistance in meeting fees may be available through the school’s bursary program.  Those wishing to apply for a financial support bursary should complete the application below and arrange an interview with the Principal.