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Child Safety Documents

Child Safe Standards


Seventh-day Adventist Schools NSW have made child safety a priority in its response to the new Child Safe Standards.


There are 6 public facing documents on the linked website sharing the child safe responsibilities and expectations across our school and college communities.


There is an overarching Child Safe Policy driving the other processes and procedures in our schools and colleges.


Within these documents, you will find codes of conduct and professional boundaries for adults and staff as well as a code of conduct for students.


These documents provide the platform for any member of the school or college community to response to and report a child safe incident or concern. It also provides guidance on how to manage child safe complaints.


With these six public facing documents the school or college community will know what is appropriate and acceptable in relation to child safe matters.


Child Safe Standards - Adventist Education NSW

You can also find this content on the NSW CSS page should you wish to copy it from there.



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