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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an important component of life at Blue Hills College. The emotional and spiritual welfare of each student matters and we have a range of programs led by a caring and nurturing staff. Life as a teenager is challenging and, at Blue Hills College, we look to help the students become equipped for a successful and full life. Some of the activities at the school include: chapels, Week Of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE), Pastoral Care and Roll Call, Health and Wellbeing, Brainstorm productions ( and Peer Support/Buddy systems.


Chaplains: Tom Kent & Tanisha Kent and Kerry Howard (Counsellor)

The chaplains at Blue Hill College are involved in the spiritual life of the College. The chapel program, which includes songs, activities and talks, is designed to help equip and nurture the students’ spiritual development.  They also conduct and organise Bible studies for students who are interested in learning more about the Bible.

Secondary Chapel is on Tuesday morning and Primary Chapel is on Wednesday afternoon.

Kerry Howard is available for counselling sessions on Mondays - Bookings essential.

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