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Responsible Students

The Blue Hills College (BHC) Student Management Policy is built on the foundation that all people are valuable and worthy of respect. The College seeks to empower its students to become responsible young people that can make powerful choices. This journey takes place in an environment where all members of the school community are treated with value and respect.

Responsible thinking includes:

  • Students being responsible for their own behaviour and learning

  • Teachers being responsible for teaching

  • Students being responsible for their choices


The teacher has a right to teach; the student has a right to learn. Courtesy, modesty, appropriate speech, sensitivity, responsibility, integrity, truthfulness and a caring attitude are all important aspects of growing toward maturity.  Students are taught to respect the rights of others and to take pride in themselves. Students who display these positive characteristics are rewarded through the College’s "Positive Recognition Program".

The College actively encourages a teacher-based approach to discipline problems.  As such, BHC believes in maintaining close contact with parents when discipline issues arise. The College takes a very serious approach against disrespectful actions towards others such as stealing and bullying and will not tolerate the use of alcohol, tobacco or non-prescription drugs of any kind.

Student Responsibility

The development of student responsibility is an integral part of the education process. Students are able to take positions of responsibility that include: College Captain and Vice Captain, House Captain, Student Representative Council (SRC), library assistants, sports equipment monitors and bus monitors. BHC also has an active "buddy" program in both the primary and secondary school.

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